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BHUY7PEEQ9Starting in Notes 10.0, Notes will now spellcheck across multiple languages within a single document on Windows. This feature is not available on the...
SAIAATXDA3Client - UI - Fixed an issue where the tab icons where displaying as red squares.
NKAH9RWEK9Fixed an issue with blank/generic icons appearing for shortcut link attachments. On Windows, a user can create a shortcut link to a file. This...
SJCN8K6KYXVertical Scroll bars will now appear in Mail Preferences Mail signature rich text dialog if typing in a longer signature. This will allow the user to...
NNAI8ZZ4EKFixed an issue that would prevent mail going to an internet user when the mail file was going over quota. In this case, the message would only get...
RREN8G2N6LFixed a printing defect that caused the printed output to be different than what was being displayed on screen for a MIME email message. For example,...
MPAA6PQCHKAdded support for the Notes client to send mail directly to an SMTP server that supports STARTTLS. Prior to this fix, sending SMTP outbound mail...
MWID7LWRJ7Fixed an issue where the ini ShowPreviewCollapsedInitially=1 would not honor all cases of collapsing the preview pane in the mail inbox. Now this ini...
JKEY9J7EHAFixed the issue that a calendar entry spans midnight is not displayed if the end date of the entry and the date DST begins is the...
HMAI8E4GSZFixed the error Type mismatch in method ArrayAppend:EMPTY found,ARRAY when there are a large number of users for a room.
ZKCO8ZZ9ZUIncreased the block sender list by 10x. Now if you choose the action for [Deliver Sender's mail to Junk] you can add 10 times as many senders/users...
BLEE6UTNT8Fixed an issue that would result in the wrong meeting time for forwared calendar entries. If a meeting is forwarded from the calendar view without...
FMEG9HS9KXMail conversion - change to force conversions in ambiguous scenarios with neither MIME parts nor Rich Text items. Previously some messages sent over...
IFAY9DMFJ2When a external chair sends a Repeating iCal invite Notes users can now decline all instances of the meeting in Compatibility Mode.
WHAM7ESERK Fixes issue where temporary attachment files from the system temp directory were not deleted when Notes was closed/restarted.  Additionally, an...
IFAY8T3BMQ Calendar view in Rooms & Reservation database displays a user name sometimes in the header area.
IFAY9ZRHSDFixed an issue where meeting invitations sent to Outlook users are not received as invitations, but as mail messages with attachments, with no...
DCAL5UAUUP Add support for allowing a meeting invitee to invite other users to the meeting rather than delegating
GKLA9YUS2BWhen adding a non-Notes/Domino invitee to an existing repeating meeting, compatiblity mode settings can result in the chair being limited to adding...
HPXG8Y24LYFixed a problem where using the right-click-Forward action in an opened message wasn't using the SimplifiedReply form. Instead it was using the...
JKEY9W9KATFixed an issue where the subject of a private meeting is showing up after the owner approves a room reservation.
JKEY9NMMCG Fixed a problem in Notes Standard client where drag and drop of a Calendar entry would fail if "Show Checkmarks..." Preference was...
LCAY9PJFJ5Fix MIME to CD converter to use case-insensitive match on Content-ID when looking for image files referenced from HTML.
RGAU9WWJ8APreviously the MIME-Version header could be added more than once. This change first checks the current document to insure that the MIME-Version item...
RREN9H7M2QFixed a problem where the Notes Client would crash with Embedded Sametime when docking/undocking laptop.
TMDS952QD5Fixed a problem where Notes Client would crash when logging into Sametime if the audio device driver was inoperable.
CDLL9BD56KFixed a problem where Business Card content was intermittently not being automatically loaded


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